Feb 26, 2015 537
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Bulgari unveils AQVA DIVINA, a new jewel born from the wonders of the Mediterranean sea through feminine eyes. This is the land of light and scent where fabulous orchards gently lead towards the sea, to the centre of Gaia, Mother Earth.

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A world which has shaped femininity through its thousand goddesses. 

The cradle chosen by the Roman jeweller for AQVA DIVINA: a deep dive into Bulgari’s ancient Greek and Roman roots, conveyors of beauty and sensuality.

In a constant game of mirrors, olfactory and aesthetic languages complement each other: precious stones and fragrances become contemporary talismans, which stimulate memory like a print left on the skin. Embodying the harmony of Nature’s treasures, like Venus on the world’s first dawn, AQVA DIVINA is revealed as a precious pearl in a shell.