CELLULINOV performs two “slimming” actions

May 06, 2014 532
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1. Restricting the nutrition of fat cells

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Thanks to the Longan seed extract (the fruit of a tropical tree originating from China) that inhibits PAI-1 protein* which plays a major role in the nutrition and oxygenation of the adipose tissue. By limiting the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), this new active ingredient puts fat cells on a “diet” and limits their growth.
2. Combatting the growth of adipose tissue
Longan seed extract also acts in conjunction with Indian Lotus extract to maintain the protein mesh* which surrounds the adipocytes and, as a result, slows the development, in terms of both number and size, of new fat cells.
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This new treatment works in parallel to regulate adipocyte flows by inhibiting fat storage thanks to the red algae extract.
Rich in marine oligosaccharides, these algae act together with the Indian Lotus extract, Caffeine and Cedrol to slow down the formation of fat and stimulate its elimination.
Finally, the ginkgo biloba extract, with its firming properties, helps to fight tissue congestion, one of the characteristics of cellulite.
This double anti-cellulite action helps to erase dimples. It smoothes and reshapes the silhouette, day after day.