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Terre d’Hermès powerfully asserts its standing with a new H-bottle limited edition. This creative statement from Anamorphée – a duo who work with the house of Hermès – has a captivating 3D construction: a twofold interplay of perspective and volume, creating a more complex, facetted image.

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The weighty H “hyper-structure” is available for both olfactory versions of Terre d’Hermès: the eau de toilette and the pure perfume.
This new creative echo of the Terre d’Hermès bottle still has all the details that identify the original bottle designed for Hermès by Philippe Mouquet: the Hermès saddle tack, the gleam of silvery metal on the bottle’s shoulders, the sliding stopper that releases the spray, and the orange-tinted base sculpted in the shape of an H, diffusing its glow through the fragrance.
Terre d’Hermès “h bottle”, the eau de toilette In-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena created this eau de toilette as an olfactory structure reaching between the earth and the sky. An eau which is both direct and subtle, sturdy and refined. Terre d’Hermès is a man’s perfume constructed as a “vertical fragrance” played out in paradoxes: the striking bitter smells of grapefruit and oranges, the cold opaque smell of flint, the blazing spark of pepper and pink peppercorns, the supple, creamy scent of Atlas cedar.
Terre d’Hermès “h bottle”, the pure perfume The perfume offers a change of perspective, for a new density. The sparkling vivacity of grapefruit and oranges in the eau de toilette are accentuated with a note of shiso: this plant from Asia smells of zests and mint, and is used as a flavour enhancer. By raising the temperature of the woody notes, which are warm but not dry, the fragrance is filled out with a new sense of comfort and charisma. Terre d’Hermès pure perfume has a new balance in the resonance of its raw materials, and explores new sensations based on an assertive composition and style.