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Flawless Future Powered by CeramideTM Caplet Serum

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A luxuriously silky, Ceramide-rich serum – concentrated with our proprietary Ceramide support, TelosenseTM and skin soothers/brighteners – is powered through innovative MICRO-CAPlETS – for more even application and effective penetration. “Each mini-caplet contains a second skin protective matrix that when dispensed, bursts to activate the powerful ingredients within the serum. This matrix is more stable and effective when it’s freshly formed with each pump,” says Art Pellegrino, vice President of Research and Development.
key Benefits:3
• 85% of women reported smoother skin • 75% confirmed that the signs of stress and fatigue were visibly reduced • 80% agreed that their skin looked stress free • 87% testified their skin looks brighter
To use: Apply a single pump to each area (forehead, cheeks, chin) to clean skin, morning and night, before moisturizer.

Flawless Future Powered by CeramideTM Moisture Cream SPF 30
A lightweight, easily absorbed and non comedogenic daily moisturizing cream that intensely hydrates and brightens the skin. Alongside our Ceramide Skin Identical Matrix, TelosenseTM and skin soothers/brighteners, this luxurious cream is enriched with a hydrating complex of rice kefiran (a rice polysaccharide, proven to improve hydration), glycerin and shea butter. Sophisticated soft focus ingredients, pearlescent pigments
and mica work to put your complexion in its most flattering light.
key Benefits:4 • Discolorations appear diminished, pores are smoothed, lines and wrinkles softened
• 94% of women felt their skin looked smooth, supple and hydrated • 89% of women felt their skin looked healthier and revitalized • SPF 30 – Provides skin with UvA/UvB broad spectrum sun protection
To use: Apply generously to face and neck.

Flawless Future Powered by CeramideTM Eye Gel
A powerful brightening eye gel that fights the appearance of stress and fatigue around the eyes and instantly brightens for a radiant and wide-awake look. Dispensed by an ophthalmic tip that precisely controls the appropriate amount of product to the eye area. The Flawless Future signature Ceramide, TelosenseTM and skin soothers/brighteners complex is boosted with antioxidant vitamin E, intensely hydrating sodium hyaluronate, plus a unique algae extract complex that targets puffiness and dark circles.
key Benefits:3
• Immediately delivers a cooling and refreshing sensation to the skin • 72% of testers felt that stress and fatigue around the eyes were relieved • 74% of women reported that it visibly reduced the look of fine lines • 78% of women reported improved brightness around the eyes • Ophthalmologist tested; safe for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers
To use: Gently pat the cooling gel around the eye contour concentrating on the outer corners.