5 Things You Need to Immediately Stop Doing on Facebook

Dec 14, 2015 1071
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1. Don’t Like Your Own Posts
You aren’t communicating anything meaningful if you do.
2. Don’t Tag Random People in Photos
Don’t tag everyone in a group shot of 50. It’s annoying, but it is also a classic move by spammers. Be cautious of anyone who does this.
3. Don’t Add People to Random Groups
This is like tagging random people in photos. When you sign people up to a group, they’ll start getting every single notification for each post to the group. This is spamming, plain and simple.
4. Don’t Send App Requests
When you are using a Facebook app like Farmville or join something like Klout, the app will ask you to invite your friends. It’s free advertising for them. But it actually has a cost to you: you are irritating members of your social network.
5. Don’t Send Off-base and Mass Messages
We all get messages that say "please like my page" or "vote for me in an online content.” People loathe being addressed in this style, and if you really have something to say at the very least personalize your message to each individual or, better yet, refrain altogether from sending out mass messages.