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Kalavryta is a small picturesque town in the mountainous Achaia. It is a tourist destination for many visitors, both in winter and summer months.

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In the "heart" of the beautiful and historic town, 14 km from Helmos Ski Resort. Situated around many sights of great importance and natural beauty, Kalavrita Canyon Hotel & Spa invites you to enjoy unique moments of relaxation and tranquility.

There are so many places you can visit with historical, religious, or naturalistic interest that will surely captivate your admiration. There are so many activities, all year round, that can magnetize you away from everyday life and travel your mind and body. Every visitor passing through the elaborate sculptured Kalavryta Gorge has the opportunity to experience a unique experience…

The luxurious rooms with modern décor and high aesthetics furnishings can give you the comfort and relaxation you are looking for.




The Railway under the shadow of Helmos!

Kalavrita and the wider area are a tourist resort for all seasons, a place with history and unparalleled natural beauty, it attracts visitors throughout the year. For thousands of years, the Vouraikos River begins its journey from Kalavryta It reaches Diakopto, on the coast of the Corinthian Gulf.

About 120 years ago, the Diakopto-Kalavryta Railway, starting from the coastal town of Diakopto and alongside the footprints of the river, built bridges, pierced tunnels, cut teeth and managed to climb up to Kalavrita.

Since then and until today, the Vauricus River and the Dentist have been going along. The train was so well integrated into the natural environment that it seemed like it was always there. The way it was built did not burden the canyon ecosystem. With the wood and stone of the area, the technicians did work for the sake of the train that you think nature created for itself.





Mountain villages: In the area of ​​Kalavryta province there are many beautiful villages, unknown to the general public, which have much to offer the visitor. Natural beauty, stone-built mansions, scenic routes, local recipes, and traditional hostels.


Kato Zachlorou: A village built in the Vouraikos Gorge in the middle of the jogging route Diakofto - Kalavryta and only 12 km from Kalavryta. Its name came from the Slavic "Zagloro", which means "behind the mountains". The village was built during the Turkish occupation by passers-by who came from the villages of Epirus in the Peloponnese. Residents are mainly involved in livestock farming and agriculture.Above the village there is the Monastery of the Big Cave with the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, the work of Evangelist Luke. From Zachlorou station begins a path to the Monastery which was used at a time when the road to the Great Cave was absent. The journey is about 45 minutes. The visitor can enjoy the natural beauty of the village and visit the old watermill, which was owned by the Monastery of the Big Cave which is unfortunately abandoned today. Also, according to historical Tsapara, there was the Despot Tower, which is now owned by Antonis Platsikouras.


 Kalavryta Ski Resort: just 15 kilometers from the historic town of Kalavryta, in the prefecture of Achaia. It is the largest ski resort in the Peloponnese and the second in terms of Athenian holidaymakers and skiers.




Mount Helmos, which means snowy mountain, is a mountain range in northern Peloponnese that lies for the most part in the prefecture of Achaia and less in the prefecture of Corinthia, north of the province of Kalavryta at an altitude of 2,355 m (the highest peak). The ancient name of the mountain was Aroania Mountains from the Aroian River that originates in the Planitero, a wonderful area on the slope of the mountain.


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