MY TOP 3 TIPS FOR YOUR Business Page On Facebook

Dec 13, 2015 921
Published in MR. POSH

Here you are:

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1. Use Facebook ads
Facebook is sitting on an enormous amount of targetable data. They have tutorials and easy step by step guides that you can navigate if it’s your first. Get into the ads manager and learn how to use it!
2. Look at your audience insights
They will teach you so much about who you are reaching and who is your customer. From there you can evaluate if the content you are putting out is resonating with the right people. Keep a close eye on that area as you test new kinds of posts, as it will fluctuate and change.
3. Upload videos direclty
Currently, Facebook is favoring a video that is uploaded directly rather than linking out because they are pushing their own video product ahead of everyone else’s. Facebook doesn’t want anyone leaving their website for any reason; they especially don’t want you peacing out to head over to YouTube to watch a video. So if you upload your video instead of linking out, they will reward you for that and give it crazy reach in feed!